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Japan 2015

Whiskey Hunting

Our mission is to unearth rare & exceptional whiskey and share it with those who most appreciate it.

I’ve always loved whiskey hunting, and I had been traveling to and from Japan since 2008.

My passion for whiskey started late 2011 or so and by 2015 the Japanese whiskey craze was starting to take hold. I asked my local friends to take me to as many mom and pop liquor shops as they could, traveling through Himeji and the countryside.

We had been to about 20 plus liquor shops without much luck in our treasure hunt and were about to call it quits. Then we randomly passed by a small liquor shop and I asked them to quickly turn around. I hopped out and made a b-line for the whiskey section containing the Hibiki 12 and the Taketsuru 12.

The store clerk came to me and I said, “I love Japanese whiskey, do you happen to have a Taketsuru 21?” “Yeah we have that in the back,” He responded as my jaw literally hit the floor. She vanished to the back and a few minutes later came out with that liquid goddess. “I’ll take it!” This one I savored over a period of time, finally finishing the bottle a few years back.

That same trip I was in for another special surprise. I had overlooked a bigger whiskey shop close to Himeji castle. I circled back and took a look around. There on the shelf close to the bottom laid three Yamazaki 2015 limited editions. I excitedly purchased them, shoved them into my bag, and headed to the airport.

A few weeks later I visited a fellow whiskey buddy who had helped me navigate my trip search through Japan. I handed him a bottle and thanked him for the invaluable information he had given me. The second bottle went to another friend, and I kept the last one.

I finally opened it this past year and drank it with a fellow whiskey enthusiast I respect and admire. The last of it was poured into a sample bottle that accompanied me to Texas.

I can’t go into detail about that whiskey experience but let’s just say it was yet another great one ;).



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