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Welcome To

The Perfect Fifth Whiskey Blog!

Our mission is to unearth rare & exceptional whiskey and share it with those who most appreciate it.

At The Perfect Fifth, we are an award winning, start-up independent bottler, focusing on finding the absolute best, and unique, expressions coming out of Scotland, with the intention of sharing them with you. I know that may be a bold statement, but for us, whiskey is a way of life. 

Our method of looking for individual casks, and only bottling ones that have been tasted as well as meet our lofty standards, ensures a standard of quality that is unmatched. 

Trying to disrupt an industry, we know our road will be hard, but this idea of bringing the best of what Scotland has to offer is well worth it and something we passionately believe in. 

I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptic when I was approached to come on board and represent this “radical idea” as I thought of it at the time. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to continue my journey of whisky discovery with TPF’s dedicated team. I made clear that my initial focus would be to reach out to the tight-knit whiskey community and make that the company’s main priority. 

I will be blogging about a range of whiskey topics, as well as speaking with whisky enthusiasts, bartenders, owners, and anything related to our craft. 

Therefore, I look forward to commencing this exciting journey with you as we explore the beauty of whiskey both past and present here at The Perfect Fifth. 



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