Karl Schoen – Perfect Fifth

Karl Schoen

Karl Schoen grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by a culture of business and entrepreneurship. Karl’s father and grandfather were both commodity traders and Karl quickly took an interest to business and finance. His desire to learn more about the business world led him to study finance in Landers College in New York. Shortly thereafter he started working for a variety of fledgling companies.

At these companies Karl started to take notice on what helped a company in its infancy succeed. Karl noticed that one of the most crucial elements for a business’s success is the passion that the founder and its employees have for the company they work for. Karl comes from a family of whisky enthusiasts.

He witnessed that fine whisky was always used to celebrate the good times in one’s life. It was at that time that he came up with the concept that he now calls The Perfect Fifth. The Perfect Fifth was the ideal marriage of Karl’s passion for whisky and entrepreneurship. Karl started the Perfect Fifth to not only be able to share his love for whisky with his family but rather to be able to raise a glass with all of those that are whisky enthusiasts like himself.