Aaron Victor

Aaron Victor is excited to be the Vice President of Marketing at The Perfect Fifth. At The Perfect Fifth, our mission is to unearth rare & exceptional whiskey and share it with those who most appreciate it. Luckily for him, Aaron is the one who gets to do the sharing!

Aaron holds a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from the Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business, and has almost two decades of experience in Business Development & Operations. Before joining The Perfect Fifth. Aaron’s passion for helping others drove him to work tirelessly for a decade as a Healthcare Executive where he oversaw large, round-the-clock, healthcare facilities.

Following another passion, he currently travels the country seeking out fellow whiskey enthusiasts and educating them about our company, our process and most importantly, our whiskey.

When he’s not slinging whiskey, Aaron can be found coaching or playing sports with his three awesome boys, Jamie, Emmitt & Joey.