Glenlivet – Perfect Fifth

The Perfect Fifth Glenlivet 40 Year Old Single Malt, 41.7% ABV,

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Flavour Wheel

  • Nose: Something almost like an old cognac about this one as there is a near ethereal lightness to this aroma. Gooseberries bursting in the sun, dates pepped up some white pepper and even a hint of cinnamon, yet among all the essences of old age comes slightly green banana, too. And who can’t spot the sugary, zesty bite of sherbet lemons in the sweet shop jar...?

    Taste: The low abv ensures the delivery is a softy in every sense: this is a glistening, malty caress, though soon some toasty tannins are in play to warm up proceedings. A burnt fudge midpoint which leads into the heather honey which spreads, almost grittily, across the roof of the mouth to give a strange but attractive coarseness to the sweetness

    Finish: The problem, almost invariably, with low strength is a quicker than usual finish. But not here! A little honey lingers and there is even a late surge of barley to match the vanilla

    Balance: An absolutely top-range malt which has used its 40 years in barrel to excellent, almost near perfect, effect. Not a single off note, no tang from the wood or any other disappointments. Just lots of elegance. And, using the Murray Method, more complexity and surprises than you might believe possible. One of the best Scotch malts released in the last 12 months.


Region: Speyside