Glen Scotia – Perfect Fifth
Glen Scotia

The Perfect Fifth Glen Scotia 1992 #8 27 Year Old Single Malt, 45.9% ABV,

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Chocolate and peat are vibrant in this delightful malt from one of the three remaining distilleries operating in Campbeltown, which showcases Glen Scotia’s distinguishing coastal character. Smoke teases on the nose, giving way to rich and complex barley. This leads into a juicy palate that proudly displays cocoa notes and light smoke. The finish is rich with phenols and crowned with an abundance of spice.

Cask no. 05917

Flavour Wheel

Glen Scotia
  • Nose: Playful, teasing smoke offers an unlikely sharpness to the already busy barley. For its big age, this malt is alive and kicking; brilliant!

    Taste: Sublime depth to the barley which is at its juiciest and glows as the cocoa notes bring out the best of the light smoke.

    Finish: A bitter-sweet finale with the phenols swirling around and spices a-buzzing. No signs of tiredness at all as the barley still plays a big part while the oak offers both cocoa and a proud skeleton on which all else hangs.

    Balance: Just adore that chocolate and light peat mix.



Region: Campbeltown

Campbeltown is part of mainland Scotland but it's found at the foot of the Mull of Kintyre and was once a thriving whiskey hotspot with over 34 distilleries, however it's now home to just 3. Once at a high of 34, a slump in the 1850’s meant this number was halved and what followed was a calamitous fall from grace for Campbeltown. A mixture of improved transportation links to the rival distilleries in the north and a decline in quality as distillers cut corners for mass-production resulting in an inferior product.

Today, Campbeltown Whiskey is known for its dryness and sometimes pungency taste because of its location, the region sticks out of the mainland and is actually closer to neighboring islands Arran and Islay than any other mainland producer.

The region is relatively small, yet the distilleries produce very different whiskeys from one another, Springbank is robust and heavily smoky whereas Glen Scotia now produces typically light and grassy whiskeys.

Glen Scotia
The Distillery

About the Distillery

Glen Scotia distillery or sometimes affectionately known as The Scotia or Old Scotia. The distillery was founded in 1832 in Campbeltown, Scotland. Glen Scotia is one of the last three working distilleries surviving in Campbeltown, which at one time rivaled Speyside for the number of distilleries and output of whiskey. The distillery was founded in 1832 by Stewart Galbraith, whose family held it until the end of that century. Campbeltown or Lochhead as it was earlier known, was reportedly the ancient seat of the Scottish Parliament set up by King Fergus in 503AD. Indeed the site of the Glen Scotia distillery is built near to Campbeltown’s ancient parliament square. It is suggested that the Stone of Destiny, on which all Scottish monarchs were crowned, came from here.