Cambus – Perfect Fifth

The Perfect Fifth Cambus 1976 #70076 42 Year Old Single Grain, 57.6% ABV,

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Aged for a generous 42 years, this gorgeous single grain whiskey is typical of the Cambus distillery, highly regarded by blenders for its mild and mellow nature. Good corn oil and honeyed sweetness on the nose gives way to delicate oak, balanced with big spices at the forefront on the palate. A touch of bitterness is offset by rich sweetness.

Cask No. 05916

Flavour Wheel

  • Nose: Classic for the distillery, showing good corn oil and accompanying acacia honey sweetness; the oak offers a delicate Canadian touch.

    Taste: Stunning texture: a rare grain that appears both firm and yielding at the same moment. Also, exceptional crispness to the maple syrup sweetness. Big spices up front balance things beautifully.

    Finish: Begins to show a little age here with a vague bitterness apparent. But the tannins hold their own, as do the remedial sugars.

    Balance: An impressive example of what then was arguably the finest grain distillery in Scotland. The structure is sound and the Canadian style of whiskey is exactly what should be expected of a fine corn Cambus of this age. There is a slightly nagging bitterness caused by the tiring oak, but the inherent sweetness controls this well. The sugar-spice balance is pretty near perfection. Has the odd fault, but the complexity of the sweet riches outweigh those slightly bitter failings.


Region: Lowlands

The Lowlands was once a major area of production but fell on hard times in the 1980s and early 1990s. Currently there are only three operating distilleries.The 'Highland Line' runs to the north of Glasgow and Edinburgh and this imaginary line is the boundary between the Lowlands and the Highlands whiskey regions. Everything to the south of this line is regarded as the Lowlands. The style of whiskey produced in the Lowlands is generally light, fresh and fruity and are regarded as very easy to drink. They are subtle and refreshing, good for hot weather and as an introduction to whiskey for someone who has not tasted it before.

The Distillery

About the Distillery

The Cambus distillery dates back to the early 1800s - it was opened in 1836 in a village that shares its name near Alloa. Here it quietly produced its whiskeys, becoming one of the first members of the Distillers Company Ltd. In 1913, a fire destroyed much of the distillery, forcing it to close until 1938. Cambus produced grain whiskey, a lot of which made its way into blends, though you can still find independent bottlings of their single grain if you’re lucky (it’s fantastic stuff). The distillery was closed in 1993 by its owner, UDV. Stocks from Cambus have now become a rare find, highly sought after by collectors who admire its individuality and charm.