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Falling In Love

With Rare Whiskey

Our mission is to unearth rare & exceptional whiskey and share it with those who most appreciate it.

I’ll never forget my first rare whiskey tasting.

I wasn’t too familiar with Tomatin let alone the 36 year. One night working at the bar the rep came in, sat down on the couch and gave us a staff tasting.

He had the usual line up and went through each dram describing their individual character and history. Then, for the grand finale, he unveiled the 36 year.

I was 33 at the time so this would be my first “older-than-me” luxury whiskey. 

I had to take a moment. A moment to imagine what this experience would be like and what went into making this aged wonder. I was in the “big leagues” now. Trying something that was bottled before I was even born has this weight to it.

Some of the people who worked on this may, unfortunately, have passed away never having tasted it. This cask, sitting undisturbed in a faraway warehouse.

I wondered: How many people have passed by these barrels anticipating the day it would finally be bottled so they could get a taste of their handiwork? And now I was the lucky one who got to fulfill those unfulfilled dreams. The rep too had an unmistakably genuine enthusiasm for this particular pour. “He was blessed,” I thought, “He truly was enjoying his job.”

Finally, I lifted the dram and it finally touched my lips and settled over my tongue. I’ll never forget this tropical fruit/mango taste it had to it. How it went down without a burn. I remember thinking to myself, “This is why I had gotten into whiskey!” I knew at that moment that I had a new profound respect for this ancient craft. 

I now had something new to strive for. If this one could taste this lovely and unique, what else have I been missing out on? I needed to seek out incredible whiskeys and share my experiences with those that share my passion. My whiskey rabbit hole just got a whole lot deeper.

The reason this episode just popped back into my subconscious was because I recently tried The Perfect Fifth Cambus 42. Our company had uncovered a whiskey that again was older than I and came from a distillery that no longer exists. As my glass was poured, my mind started to wander just like it had 4 years ago when I unexpectedly tasted that Tomatin 36:

What were the conditions like in 1976? I researched online and found out they had a crazy heatwave that year. Did that affect the whiskey-making process? Did it affect the grain or harvest? Did the heat create some different conditions to tweak the outcome? I’m always looking to find answers, digging deeper to have a new understanding. Could we replicate this exact process so that in 42 years from now another will have this wonder?

But after I took my first taste I realized the answer was… “No!”

That like any whiskey experience, it’s always unique.

You can never replicate that “first time” but experiencing new whiskeys is always a first time.



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